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Pablo: no more flashcards

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개발자: Gabriel Morin
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You heard about flash cards, but what if there was a more simple and productive way to improve your vocabulary?
Back to basics with Pablos powerful SwipeLists.

Good bye flashcards, hello SwipeLists!

Those chronological lists help our brain memorize words more efficiently through context and time. Being able to keep the translation hidden, revealing it from a simple finger swipe, makes your learning process as fast and productive as it makes it enjoyable :-).

Pablo is a quick way to save, practice and memorize new vocabulary.
Whether youre learning a new language, or traveling to a foreign country, Pablo is here to collect the most useful words and expression you want to use.
Write it, record the pronunciation, and its in your list.
Build your own wordbook, keeping each recording like a sweet memory.

Why Pablo ?
- Fast: Save on the spot any new expression, in a second.
- Simple: Access them any-time as a searchable list.
- Efficient: Learn words that matters to you.
- Social: Create lists with your classmates or foreign friends.
- Versatile: Use it for any language, alphabet, syntax, structure...

Also a good complement if youre using iTalki, DuoLingo, Memrise, Babbel, Learnissimo...
A simpler alternative to Flashcards and Anki apps.

Get your own Pablo and start teaching him!

Learning with Pablo:

Pablo does not contain any other vocabulary than the one you teach him.
And thats what makes it such a powerful way to learn a new language. Inspired from the "old school notepad way" of practicing your vocabulary on a regular basis, Pablo could be perceived as a simple additional memory when words youre learning slip out from your mind. Pablo could also be seen as a friendly parrot.
But it is actually much more than this. Instead of getting fed words from a language learning book, or app, you decide what you really want to learn. And thats what makes the difference. The best way to learn is to want or to need to learn something.

Pablo is based on context-learning. Your context (your every day life, what you do, read, watch, care about) acts as a natural filter. By saving and practicing words you wanted to use, or felt like you will need to use, youre only using your mind to learn things truly useful to you.
Learning words you dont care about is a waste of time and energy. You will remember them for a week, a month, and then theyre gone. This might sound obvious in a way, and youre probably already doing it, but did you find the perfect solution to save those words? Have you suffered the mess of having tons of lists in different places?
Thats why Pablo is so simple. One searchable chronological list per language, no sub-list.
The most organized of you might miss having the possibility to create thematic lists, but its for your own good!
No more looking for the right list, you naturally learn in a chronological way. Scroll down and you will see that the oldest word from your list are already in your head now, no need to consult them again :-).
There you have it, a simple, fast and efficient way to learn a new language.